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Bespoke architectural and sculptural elements for your project.

4Mytrim Company award-winning team of artisans can create custom mouldings and ornament based on your original designs or image precedents. We will work collaboratively with architects, designers and clients to ensure work of exactly the desired style, character and proportion. 4Mytrim Company Mouldings has been in the business of designing and fabricating custom plaster cast mouldings for decades. Custom projects account for the majority of the work produced in our workshop.


A vast collection of high-quality mouldings, cast-to-order for your projects.

Not all our work is custom, however. 4Mytrim Company’s extensive collection of standard moulds is the largest and contains elements in a wide range of styles to suit the needs of nearly any design project. All items are hand-cast in our own factory and are carefully packed and crated for delivery to their final destinations. We are proud to be heritage business serving customers worldwide.

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4Mytrim Company is your premier supplier and installer of doors, windows, and trim with years of industry experience. Locally and family-owned. Our team has extensive experience working with homeowners, contractors, and property managers on multi-family residences – as well as planned communities, remodels, and small commercial businesses. Our finish carpentry includes unique entry door systems, custom french doors, a large selection of interior doors, wardrobe closet doors – including mirrored units, as well as various types of moldings and trims. 4Mytrim Company also offers a large selection of vinyl windows. Schedule a free in-home estimate today by calling us at (888) 530-8281
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Custom Mouldings

Conceived, designed and manufactured to exact specifications.

4Mytrim Company specializes in custom commissioned moldings for ceilings, walls, and casings. The team works closely with designers and architects to conceive of a design of appropriate scale and proportion. The prototype and finished moldings are then fabricated in 4Mytrim Company New York workshop and are shipped and installed by the Hyde Park team.


If it can be imagined, it can be realized with 4Mytrim Company team of artists and artisans.

Any design concept you may have can be refined, developed and brought to fruition by 4Mytrim Company creative team from ornate panels to bas reliefs. In our process we research precedents, develop sketches, produce drawings, create models and cast moulds until precisely the correct style and character are achieved for a project.


Custom wall and ceiling treatments that bring texture, color, and dimension to any space.

4Mytrim Company Fine Finishes team develops custom, hand-applied wall and ceiling finishes of nearly any color and texture using a variety of lime-based plasters in combination with other materials and creative finishing techniques to complement a project’s overall color and materials palette. 4Mytrim Company has provided custom finishes for many private residential interiors as well as many boutique retail environments such as Cartier, Apple, Michael Kors, Luis Vuitton, Dior, Ferragamo, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Omega.

Our process

A vast collection of high-quality mouldings, cast-to-order


Taking a design from sketch to a fully realized architectural cast moulding requires experience in executing designs in many styles as well as an understanding of how this work fits into the broad spectrum of specialty trades that comprise a high-end custom interior.  Hyde Park Mouldings knows how to pro-actively coordinate with the design and construction teams in order to ensure success.

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